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Buy DigDB Subscription

To start a new subscription, renew, or add more seats to an existing subscription, all go to:

Quantity     Subscription Length

Click the "Subscription Length" dropdown box to select longer durations up to 2 years.
For subscriptions with no Paypal account, no auto-renewal, longer duration, go here.

How does subscrption work?

A subscription allows you to use DigDB on a machine as long as your subscription continues. For example, you may start with a half-year subscription, and you may cancel it anytime by sending us an email. If it has not been cancelled, it will automaically renew after it expires. Note that you DON'T need to do anything for renewal because it's automatic. You only see a recurring charge on credit card every subscription cycle.

Remember, you can cancel it anytime by just sending us an email. If you only need DigDB for a short period of time, just buy the half-year subscription and then immediately email us to cancel it, it's perfectly ok. And DigDB will continue to run until the subscription expires.

Can I buy subscriptions for a group?

Of course. If you want run DigDB on 10 machines, you should buy 10 subscriptions. It will run for the full subscription cycle on each machine until each cycle expires.

Again, you can cancel your subscription at any time by just sending us an email.

How does subscription work, technically?

After you purchase a subscription, we will create a subscription account for you, and we send you an Account ID by email. You can then activate your subscription by this account ID.

When your DigDB starts, it will check with DigDB website by your subscription's account ID and your computer's hardware ID (the serial number of the computer main board) to see if you have a valid subscription. If yes, DigDB will be enabled. Otherwise, it will be disabled.

Subscription is per-machine based

Each subscription is for a single machine. When you activate a subscription, you pass your subscription account id and your computer board's manufacturer serial number to the DigDB web server. This way, our license server knows if a machine has a valid subscription or not.

If you ever lose your machine, don't worry. Download a fresh DigDB and install it on your new machine. Click Excel->DigDB->Help->Show Machine ID, it will show you the computer board serial number. Email us, tell us what happened, and tell us your machine ID and your account ID. We will then remove your old machine ID from the system and attach your new machine ID to your subscription account. This will reinstate your license for your new machine.

How about privacy & security?

There is nothing "secret" in the subscription verification. The serial number of your computer board is a piece of machine code that are burned to your computer main board by the manufacturer. You can view it using Excel->DigDB->Show Machine ID. Excel allows web query. DigDB Excel add-in simply uses the Excel web query to check your subscription status.

This mechanism is similar to when you buy a subscription to to a premium content website such as Wall Street Jornal. The website knows who are you when you log in to read the news paper. If you are very concerned about privacy or security, don't buy it.

What if I'm not online?

If you are not online, then DigDB cannot verify your subscription, then you can't use it.

We designed DigDB this way because we assume most people use DigDB to do work and most work places have web connection most of the time. If you absolutely need to use DigDB when you are on a plane or when the network is down, you can get an emergency use, but this is a 1-time use which means that the next time DigDB starts it will have to be online. You can try this by disconnecting from the web and see how DigDB works.

If your computer has no web access, then don't buy DigDB.

Why Subscription?

We choose to use subscription model in licensing because it is more flexible in terms of pricing. DigDB is a toolkit designed for the elite group of power Excel users, that is perhaps 1% of all Excel users. If Excel sells at $79, that means, a perpetual license of DigDB will have to be more expensive. Take a look at this price comparison to see our competitors' pricing.

Without this subscription model, a DigDB license will be priced at around $200 per license. This price will prevent the occassional users who only use DigDB for some ad-hoc projects, vs these users can now buy DigDB at $39 for a half-year usage. Or, try asking your manager to approve a $200 software purchase, vs getting the approval to buy a $39 subscription.

Windows or Microsoft Office is a perpectual license (never expires), but most users will have to upgrade every 2 or 3 years. It's like a down payment of $300 then with incremental pay ($90) for each upgrade. Same with Adobe or Maromedia. Now, is this so different from a subscription model? It's smiliar except the subscription model doesn't require a large down pay. You can start with a free trial, get a half-year license if you are not sure; and if you find this tool truly useful, just continue the subscription.

If you feel strongly about "owning" the software, email me.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. It renews every half year (6 months). But you can cancel it anytime, and you can continue using it even after cancellation until it expires.

How do I add more users to my subscription?

Suppose you bought 5 half-year subscriptions, then 2 months later you want to add 2 more seats. What you should do is to simply buy another 2 half-year subscriptions.

After the purchase, we will automatically add 2 extra seats to your subscription account. When you receive the confirmation email about the addition, you tell your 2 new users to activate subscription by your account ID, and thus they can start using it. Now, suppose you decide to cancel the subscription, your 1st group of 5 users will have DigDB disabled in the 6th month, and you 2nd group of 2 users will have DigDB disabled in the 8th month. If you just let the subscription continue, then both groups will just continue to have DigDB enabled, and they won't notice anything.

When does the subscription time starts ticking?

Suppose you buy a subscription today, but you are tied up with something else and you won't activate the subscription until a month later, no worries, your subscription time will only start ticking after you activate it.

Buy subscriptions without auto-renewal and without PayPal account

This is the same as the default subscription except it doesn't have auto-renewal. When your current subscription expires, you will need to purchase again.

Also, you are not required to have or create a PayPal account. When you click "Next" to go to the next PayPal page, there is a small font "Continue" link on that page. Click that link to follow through, then you can enter yor credit card info without having to create or associate your credit card with a PayPal account.

Quantity     Subscription Length    

Use the "Subscription Length" dropdown box to select longer durations for up to 5 years


This is all different from before?


Before, we use a local Windows dll mechanism to store and check subscription status. It has the benefit that once activated you don't have to be online to use DigDB, but the downside is just its complexity. It's hard to do and it's inefficient and it has bugs and errors. So, we just decided to keep it simple, by assuming that internet connection is mostly there. What we have now is as simple as using a website.

Because we have a more "pure" web-like subscription system, users in large companies don't have to request another purchase. The subscription will just automatically renew and your DigDB will continuously work withou your doing anything.

Compare price with competitors

DigDB costs $6 per month. You pay as you go. All upgrades are free. Here is how we compare with our competitors. Click the links over to our competitors' sites and try them out.

Add-ins.com Ozgrid Spinnaker ActiveData DealMaven
All-in-one Collection $189.95 $79.95 $90.00 $249.00 $99.99
Remove duplicates $49.95 $49.95
Table column tool $15.00
Table combine tool $30.00
Link tool $49.95 $49.95
Filter tool $30.00
Table merge tool $25.00
Trim, Text Case, Convert tool $49.95 $49.95
Pivot table tool $29.95
Random number tool $24.95 $24.95

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Who else wants to do a 10-hour Excel analysis in 15 minutes?

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