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Who else wants to do a 10-hour Excel analysis in 15 minutes? (more ...)

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Customer Testimonial
    "... 10 tedious hours each month ... to 15 minutes ..."

      "Bottom line: I have reduced a VERY manual process which took me over 10 tedious hours each month (and normally resulted in tension headaches and a neckache) to basically a 15 minute process."

      wozi, User
      Source: CNet review http://www.download.com/3642-2077_4-2523292.html.

    "... Overcome the massive shortcoming in Excel ..."

    "... puts your Excel application on steroids ..."

      "For the direct marketing/database marketing Excel wonks in the audience, here's a software download that puts your Excel application on steroids. This company provides powerful Excel add-ins that empower you to do more wonky things than you've ever dreamed of, such as finding and removing duplicates, first visit to first buy analysis, appending tables and programming Access applications in Excel -- plus 66 more nifty tricks..."

      Larry Chase, User/Marketer
      Source: website http://www.wdfm.com/publish/direct_marketing/direct_marketing2.htm.

    "... truly extends the power of Excel ..."

      "If you have to deal with massive amounts of data, you have to try out the AMAZING new DigDB Add-in Toolkit. You will wonder how you ever lived without it. Unlike the general-purpose utility add-ins, this POWERFUL add-in truly extends the power of Excel."

      Bill Jelen, aka Mr Excel, Author of popular Excel book "Learn Excel from MrExcel"
      Source: user email. He also made an earlier comment.

    "... Virtually eliminates 'grunt work' in Excel! ..."

      "I was looking for a good data analytics tool for excel and stumbled upon this product. Within 5 minutes of downloading it, I had paid for a year's subscription -- it blew me away!

      Virtually all of the pain-in-the-a**, repetitive tasks one must trudge through in Excel are FULLY AUTOMATED by this tool. A few examples: automatically split a large table into separate sheet (or files!) based on values in a column (salesperson, store, year, etc.); automatically remove duplicate rows (we had been looking for a solution for this one problem for months!); Doing all kinds of rollup queries, totals, statistical analysis -- the list goes on and on. We saved $1000 in analyst time within the first 3 days of using the software (no more paying by the hour for mere "grunt work").

      I could not speak more highly of this product. In fact, I'm writing this testimonial as a sort of "penance," because for $59/year, I feel like I'm stealing from these guys!"

      excap, User
      Source: CNet review http://www.download.com/3642-2077_4-2750343.html.

    "... Unbelievable ..."

      "I am a marketing professional. My job requires me to deal with large raw data set all the time. If you happen to be a search engine marketing professional, you know what I am talking about. Keyword campaigns come in large raw excel files, and I need to crunch the number to filter, merge, aggregate, to come up with ROI analysis. I also need to mix and match keywords to produce all sorts of permutations of the keyword phrases to feed the Google and Overture ad buys. DigDB is absolutely a life saver for me. I still could not believe how much time it has saved me. In my company, DigDB is used by all my co-workers and has become the backbone technology of my group. DigBD complements Excel's massive shortcomings. In particular, the filter (wildcard), merge, and roll-up functions are absolutely gorgeous and I use them everyday. By the way, I do search engine marketing, so I know how to Google and I know the places to get free software. Well, if you can call those crude scripts and half-baked free tools software, but nothing has even come close to DigDB. I would recommend this tool to all analysts."

      Brady.Anderson, User
      Source: CNet review http://www.download.com/3642-2077_4-2637603.html.

    "... invaluable to me ... worth every dollar ..."

      "This tool has been invaluable to me. I haven't used all the functions yet, but the 1-Step Summary, multi-sort function, and the filter functions have been absolutely fabulous and already saved me hours and hours of work over just the course of the last 6 weeks. I'd definitely recommend this tool - it's worth every dollar!"

      Paige Carroll, Bid Advisor
      Source: user email.

    "... still can't believe what it enables me to do ..."

      "I spend a fair amount of time reconciling and manipulating large data files in Excel. DigDB has easily, intuitively and quickly been able to perform every type of filtering and table manipulation I've thrown at it. No SQL, no esoteric formulas. This product is a great value - I still can't believe what it enables me to do and how much time it's saved me."

      Mike, Consultant/Financial Modeler
      Source: user email.

    "... absolutely marvelous and must have add-in ..."

      "This is an absolutely marvelous and must have add-in if you use any of the data filtering and subtotaling functions within Excel. The ability to filter data and copy just the subtotals to another sheet is more than worth the price of the product. This product is easy to use and flat-out saves me time."

      Jesse Crenshaw, Consumer Lending Manager
      Source: user email.

    "... what a time saver! ... I was hooked ..."

      "DigDB Excel Toolkit - what a timesaver! I was thinking I would have to become a macro expert just to get some of the information I needed out of Excel, but once I tried DigDB, and saved myself about 10 minutes with the very 1st use, I was hooked. Thanks for creating such a great add-in and pricing it reasonably!"

      John Kiester, IT Manager
      Source: user email.

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Who else wants to do a 10-hour Excel analysis in 15 minutes?

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